Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why should I register?

    To add locations on the maps, you must be registered. Also, only registered users can participate in the contests.

  • Will I be charged after registration?

    No. After registration you will be asked to subscribe only if you selected a user role that needs subscription (Plus, Advanced, Business). Regular users don't need subscription.

  • How to complete registration?

    After submitting the registration form, you need to verify your Instagram and Email account, to complete your registration. The instruction will be sent to you by email after submitting the registration form.


  • Why should I subscribe?
    • Subscribed users you can add more locations on the maps, which means:

        (1) They will be seen 5 times (Plus subscription) and 20 time (Advanced subscription) more than Regular users.

        (2) Your chance to win in contests is 5 times (Plus subscription) and 20 time (Advanced subscription) more than Regular users. 

    • Businesses can advertise on the maps after subscription
    • Your support to Share Destinations helps us to continue this service and improve it continuously
  • How can I subscribe?

    After registration and verification of your email and Instagram account, login and go to Subscription plans page => Signup a subscription plan. Your subscription will renew every month automatically.

  • How can I cancel my subscription?

    From top menu: Manage Account => Shopping Account => Subscriptions => View (active only) => Cancel

  • How can I change my subscription plan?

    First cancel your active subscription, then subscribe to a new plan.

  • What is the refund policy?

    Payments are not refundable. To stop monthly subscription payment, you can cencel subscription. By canceling your subscription, you will not be charged for the next subscription period fee, unless you subscribe again. Canceling your subscription will not result in a refund for any unused portion of your current subscription period.

Posts (pinned locations)

  • What happens after submitting a post?

    Submitted posts will be reviewed by Share Destination’s quality assurance and control team. It will be approved or rejected with a note from the reviewer. You can track the post’s status from the Profile page => Posts tab (Top menu => Manage Account => Account => View Profile => Posts) . The “pending” status means your post is still under review.

  • How can I view my pinned location on the map?

    After post approval, go to: the Profile page => Posts tab (Top menu => Manage Account => Account => View Profile => Posts) . Click on "View on Map" button for each published post.

    You may also go to the map that you pinned the location. On the top left side, click on the “Find marker” search bar and type your post title.

  • How can I view/delete my posts?

    To view your posts (pinned locations), first login and then go to the Profile page, Posts tab (Top menu => Manage Account => Account => View Profile => Posts). For deleting a post, click on the “Delete” button.

  • Can I edit my posts?

    No, for quality assurance and control purposes, the posts cannot be edited after submission. But it can be replaced by deleting and adding a new post.


  • How can I view the contests?

    Each map has its own contests available in the page of the map. To view contests, scroll down the map and click on the contest link to redirect to the contest page.

  • How can I participate in a contest?

    Only registered users are eligible to participate in the contests. To participate in a contest, when posting your content, choose that you want to submit the post for the current open contest of the location type you selected. It should be noted that always there is only one open contest for each location type at the same time.

    For more information, go to Contests page.

  • How will I be notified the contest winners?

    The winner will be announced in the website and social medias of Share Destinations. The notification will be emailed to all the users.

  • What is the contests prize?

    The prize for winning a contest will be non-financial in nature and may include being featured on the Share Destinations website and its affiliated media, as described in the contest page.

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